Addictions Program

Addictions Program

The Addictions Program of Family & Community Services is a multi-faceted program that addresses many addictive behaviors including alcohol and other drug abuse. The program is licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Addiction Services (DAS). Clients with substance abuse problems are given alcohol/drug screens for assessment purposes. Services are provided on a sliding scale for those who live or work in Somerset County and the immediate surrounding communities.

Counseling – We recognize that the addiction affects everyone that has a significant relationship with the addict. Therefore, family members are offered individual and family counseling to address family issues and co-dependency. Our services are offered to children, adolescents, adults, seniors, and their families.

DWI – FCSSC is one of the leading counseling services in Somerset County for clients charged with driving while intoxicated. Our program offers clients individual and group therapy, and introduces each client to Alcoholics Anonymous. The goal of this program is to prevent future drinking and driving episodes. Emphasis is placed on responsible drinking and the consequences of alcohol abuse.

The following services are available for substance abuse and other addictive behaviors with individuals and group counseling:

When indicated, clients are also referred for psychiatric consultation.;

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