Board of Trustees

Board Members

The FCSSC Board meets roughly 9 times a year to support and evaluate the agency’s programs, track the agency’s finances, develop future goals and support fund raising initiatives.

  • Lori Manduley – Board President
  • Nicole Gutierrez- Vice President
  • Amy Farber- Treasurer
  • Rachael Greenberg – Board Secretary
  • Howard Hessel
  • Angel Voultepsis
  • Gina Walljasper
  • Susan Lima
  • Stephen Fowler

Interested in becoming a member?

Family and Community Services is looking for board members. Responsibilities include:

  • Attend Meetings as frequently as Possible (9 meetings per year)
  • Help oversee and guide the operations and finances of the agency in conjunction with the Executive Director
  • Actively participate in fundraising events. Attend and/or volunteer. Invite friends and family