Crypto Donations

What is Crypto?

Crypto, short for cryptocurrency, is a type of digital or ‘virtual currency’. The currency uses cryptography to secure transactions, which makes it impossible to counterfeit or double- spend. Crypto allows for secure online payments without using third-party intermediaries.

Who is the Giving Block?

The Giving Block, is a company where one can donate crypto to non-profit organizations. The Giving Block makes it simple to for organizations to raise funds.

How is FCS involved?

FCS wanted to expand how we accept donations from our donors. With that we are participating with The Giving Block as a part of their mental health fundraising group so that donors can donate to several organizations in addition to our own. We believe that supporting mental health in any and all communities is vital, but this is another way we are able to expand and meet our donors where they are going. 

Here are two ways to take action: