Family and Community Services of Somerset County

339 W. 2nd Street
Bound Brook, New Jersey 08805
Phone: 732-356-1082
Fax: 732-356-6327

In the heart of Bound Brook, New Jersey, nestled among the bustling streets and vibrant communities, lies a beacon of hope and healing: Family & Community Services of Somerset County (FCSSC). For over six decades, FCSSC has stood as a pillar of strength, offering a lifeline to individuals grappling with mental health challenges and substance abuse issues.

Founded in 1960 with a vision to provide comprehensive support to the community, FCSSC has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving all who seek solace and assistance, regardless of their financial means. From its humble beginnings, FCSSC has grown into a vital nonprofit organization, a safe haven for those in need of guidance and understanding.

At the heart of FCSSC’s mission lies the belief in the power of community and the importance of accessible mental health and substance use disorder services. With a team of dedicated professionals, including experienced licensed therapists and skilled administrative staff, FCSSC endeavors to make a meaningful difference in the lives of its clients, fostering a sense of resilience and empowerment.