Support Us Old

We rely on the community and private donations to provide quality and vital services to our clients.

Who are our clients? They are your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and maybe even family members that live and work in Somerset County and the immediate surrounding communities including:

  • the single mother trying to help her teenage son
  • the husband and wife trying to hang on to their marriage and family
  • the woman in the store pinching pennies to buy food for her children
  • the child trying to cope with issues too large for anyone let alone a child

They are regular people trying to survive as best they can.

There are many ways you can help support Family & Community Services of Somerset County:

We won’t solve all the problems in our community, but we can help the clients we currently touch. Most of these clients have nowhere else to go. Please help us continue to help those who want to be healthy, productive members of society and celebrate our 60 years of service.